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How it all started...

Everything unfolded in the midst of COVID. Many of our contractors had already been in the industry for multiple years, so we decided to form a group of individuals that were hardworking, principled, and ambitious about moving, transitions, storage, packing, and organization to create Dart Moving Services.


The market was changing drastically at the time, so this was the perfect opportunity to work together and provide a service for the surrounding community in a way that is really needed. We seek to offer a smooth transition for your next chapter of life so that you can focus more towards a positive future.


We all look forward to servicing you!


My name is Mohan, the proud owner of Dart. I got my start as a property manager many years ago, and ever since then, I have been eager to help people navigate the field of moving, storage, and real estate. I saw how stressful peoples lives became when they were ready to move, and I wanted to make a change.


Here we are now, many clients later, and I have grown my business into a team of efficient, honest, and hardworking movers with satisfied customers all around the DMV and beyond. We are all dedicated to keeping our clients satisfied and stress-free. I know what it takes for a successful moving experience and strive for that to be your experience with us!

Dart Moving Owner
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